About Lawrence Homes

At Lawrence Homes, we take great pride in knowing your home is our custom home.At Lawrence Homes, we take great pride in knowing your home is our custom home.

Our extensive experience in the construction industry and diligent efforts to maintain project integrity aid in making each project a success. Since 1994, our commitment to service, quality and customer satisfaction has offered us the flexibility and opportunity to focus solely on custom home construction.

At Lawrence Homes, our team is not only comprised of ourselves; our knowledge and success is shared amongst our network of architectural and construction professionals with whom we work seamlessly in order to provide our clients with the expertise necessary to craft their dream home. Through this collaboration, we are able to offer our clients referrals to qualified and experienced construction professionals who maintain a quality standard similar to that of Lawrence Homes.

But what truly sets Lawrence Homes apart from other custom home builders is our dedication to client service. President and General Contractor Larry Ventimiglia works with each client personally in order to ensure a complete understanding of building procedures and budgetary needs. And more importantly, Larry's commitment to maintaining an open line of communication offers our clients the confidence of knowing Lawrence Homes is caring for your project just as you would.

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